About Us

Chemipack is a recognised manufacturer of car & household chemicals and wet wipes. In our company, we focus on modern and sustainable manufacturing solutions. We will deliver safe and highly effective cleaning products to keep your home and car clean.

Who are we?

We produce efficient car and household chemicals as well as wet wipes. We focus on continuous development - in the last few years, we have purchased a state-of-the-art machine park. It means we can now provide not only standard household or car chemicals but also produce solutions specially tailored to your requirements!

We have worked with companies such as LIDL, Jerónimo Martins, DINO, SPAR, MOYA, AVIA and many more. We specialise in chemicals for the automotive industry, including coolants and washer fluids.

Why work with us?

We provide personalised customer service, help and support in creating and selecting effective solutions in the automotive and business sectors. We help your brand expand its portfolio with new high-quality products and thus strengthen your marketing strategy.

Our core team is composed of experienced managers and domain experts. Chemipack's mission is not only to create effective and efficient products of the highest quality but also to provide professional service. It guarantees stable and long-term cooperation with our company.

Our certificates and awards

Our products meet stringent quality requirements. We have received, among others ISO 9001: 2015 certificate - this proves that our automotive chemicals and wet wipes meet strict international standards.

We also carried out the project Implementation of enhanced automotive chemistry products as a result of research co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. As part of it, we received a total of three grants for the development of innovative products and processes.

Check out our offer today!

Are you looking to supplement your assortment with highly effective car or household chemicals? Contact us - we will be happy to provide solutions tailored to your customers' requirements.

Can't find what you are looking for? Don't worry: we can expand our production with new products designed specifically for your business.


We create and develop all our products using sustainable technological solutions. The innovative and automated production process enables efficient delivery of products such as household and car chemicals, wet wipes and moist toilet tissue.

We produce wet wipes for numerous applications: for cleaning furniture, glass surfaces, bathrooms and many more.

We use modern ultrasonic technology to manufacture our liquids.

As part of the grant, we have implemented patents and innovations such as:

  • the ultrasonic liquid mixing process that increases chemical and microbiological stability of the final product;
  • addition of an amine to winter fluids to improve the effectiveness of window cleaning and for its environmental and sustainable aspects;
  • the manufacturing process of 99% purified water baby wipes.

Check the Chemipack products today and offer your customers the most effective cleaning solutions!

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